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Task 3. 10 minutes 

Remember the questionnaire from Part 1, unit 1? Please look at the questions again. How would you answer the questions today? Any changes? Write down what might have changed during this project and why? Save in your portfolio.

1.    Where do you buy your clothes and shoes?

2.    How much money do you spend on clothes and shoes per month?

3.    Where do you get inspired when you buy new clothes and shoes?

4.    Do you buy second hand clothes and shoes?

5.    Do you think of how the clothes and shoes are produced?

6.    Do you know any fashion influencers?

7.    Is it important to you that your friends like your clothes?

8.    Do you buy online?

9.    How do you get rid of old clothes?

10.    Who pays your clothes? Yourself or your parents?

Write your answers in Google docs, save them in your portefolio, and share with your teacher.