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Task 4 Reflections 

Pretend you own a factory in one of the countries you have just heard about. What would you do to make life better for the children living in your area? You need low paid workers for your factory in order to have a surplus from your production. Remember they are so poor that their families depend on their earnings. 

Now you have to decide which choice you would make. You all stand in the middle and read the questions you can see in the corners. After having reflected shortly, you go to the corner you prefer.  

  1. Would you avoid hiring child labour and let the families suffer from severe poverty (food, housing, clothes, school)?
  2. Would you raise wages and risk closing your factory because your products are too expensive compared to those of your competitors?
  3. Would you build a school for children living close to your factory and have their parents work at low wages and less money for food, housing and clothes?
  4. Would you pay higher taxes to the state and expect the government to build schools and prevent poverty?

After this, you all go to the centre of the class again and find a partner from one of the other corners with whom you discuss why you chose your corner and what you think would be the best solution to avoid child labour.

Talk to your parents and your friends about child labour when you get home.


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