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Part 1 - Do you really need new clothes  
      Unit 1 New clothes again? Why?   
            Task 1 Questionnaire  
            Task 2 Clothes recycling   
            Task 3 How much clothing do you throw out every year?  
            Task 4 Vocabulary practised in a quiz and trade  
      Unit 2 Clothes recycling  
            Task 1 What do you know about textile recycling?  
            Task 2 Pros and cons with textile recycling  
            Task 3 Reflections  
            Task 4 Log book  
      Unit 3 The impact of fashion on the environment  
            Task 1 Frashion's environmental impact  
            Task 2 Critical questions  
            Task 3 Reflections on the origin of your clothes  
Part 2 Sustainable goals  
      Unit 1 Sustainable Development Goals   
            Task 1 The UN Global Goals  
            Task 2 Choose a goal  
            Task 3 Summary of your goal  
      Unit 2 Presentation of your UN goals  
            Task 1 Presentation of your UN Goal  
            Task 2 Sharing knowledge about the UN Goals  
            Task 3 Reflections on the newly gained knowledge  
      Unit 3 What do you remember about the Sustainable Development Goals?  
            Task 1 What can be done in future to reach the goals?  
            Task 2 Global inequalities  
            Task 3 Child labour  
            Task 4 Time for reflections   
Part 3 What you buy has an influence on other people  
      Unit 1 What do you think of child labour?  
            Task 1 Examples of child labour  
            Task 2 Where do children work?  
            Task 3 Specific countries with child labour  
            Task 4 Reflections  
      Unit 2 Child labour - now and then  
            Task 1 Child labour used for clothes production?  
            Task 2 Why does child labour exist?  
            Task 3 Child labour in Denmark?  
            Task 4 Reflections  
      Unit 3 How to show responsibility when buying new clothes  
            Task 1 Advice before shopping  
            Task 2 How to shop sustainably  
            Task 3 Your personal shopping habits 3  
Part 4 What you know and what you think  
      Unit 1 Clear Blue Skies  
            Task 1 Comparison between 1988 (When Clear Blue Skies was written) and today  
            Task 2 How can we reach the UN Sustainable Goals in 2030  
      Unit 2 Essay writing  
            Task 1 Brainstorm - your personal opinion on clothes, climate, consumerism  
                      and 17 UN Sustainabel Goals  
            Task 2 Mindmap to organise an outline  
            Task 3 Writing process and peer feedback  
            Task 4 Essay saved in your portfolio  
      Unit 3 Evaluation  
            Task 1 Pupils' evaluation  
            Task 2 Teacher's feedback  
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